To achieve real growth, success and efficiency within a company, training must be at the core.
Clock Tower International can improve the technological ability and the business performance of organisations whereby developing the efficiency of their employees.

Our training courses give you a cost-effective and efficient way to upskill your staff. We work with organisations, no matter what size or sector. Our consultants use a range of techniques to identify and analyse management development needs. We use a blended delivery model for our courses that have been adapted to meet your organisations needs with minimal business impact.

Choose from one of our professional development courses below:

  • Project Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Manage operational resources
  • Quality Management
  • Business culture and strategy
  • Communication: analysing and presenting complex presentation
  • Plan, Lead and Implement Change
  • Leadership for Managers
  • Organisational Leadership and Development
  • Decision Making for Managers
  • Information Technology (IT) in Business
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Business

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