Social Enterprise – Africa


Clock Tower International has performed management consultancy for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), NGOs and Financial institutions in Malawi, and is in the process of rolling out a similar initiative to other African nations.

Clock Tower’s African social enterprise is based on providing business and entrepreneurial training and services to MSMEs. This allows businesses to become more self reliant and proficient in approaching other businesses and organisations.

Consultancy work for previous clients in Africa has included:

◊ Strategic review of national solutions:

- Banking interoperability projects

- Banking to the “unbanked”

- IT and communications solutions for education in rural areas.

 Business planning and strategy for agricultural farmers

◊ Project reviews for NGOs and Social Enterprises

◊ Guiding banks, IT, and Telecom service providers on business development and outsourcing initiatives

◊ Delivering Project Management training and workshops based around the internationally-recognised PRINCE2 methodology

For more information about either of Clock Tower’s Social Enterprise projects, please Contact Us.

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