Emerging Markets

In the world today the greatest growth potential is within Emerging Markets and Developing Economies. These nations have shown rapid growth and industrialization over the past few years and have a yearly projected growth rate of 5-7% over the next 5 years.

Emerging markets are full of opportunities to grow your business or develop new ones and with continually improving economic and political conditions, they provide a number of compelling reasons for organisations to develop and expand:

  • Economic Growth - Emerging markets are growing at a faster rate than developed economies.
  • Organisational Strength - Organisations are becoming stronger and more competitive.
  • Wealthy Consumers - The growing middle-class consumers are becoming richer and spending more.
  • Improved Policies - Inflation and government debt are becoming more manageable; corporate governance is improving.
  • Competitive Local Markets - Local human, social and intellectual capital is bringing new products and services to market, in competition with global competitors.

CTI has worked with both international and locally based organisations to develop and implement business and technology strategies:

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