Case Study

Business Consult Africa (BCA) & Capacity Building for Enterprise (CBE)


In August 2010 Clock Tower International joined a Social Enterprise project in Malawi in Africa. The project was taken to further understand emerging markets and developing economies. We wanted to explore the provision of business services to MSME’s by opening new sectors and working with new businesses in a scheme backed by the Scottish government. CTI worked with business consultancy companies, BCA and CBE in Malawi for three months, with a staff of 12. In that time we achieved many benefits for companies throughout the country.

  • We opened new business opportunities for the organisation, developing new partnerships and IT and communications based projects.
  • We helped to develop new revenue streams within new sectors, such as financial services, technology, the public sector and NGO’s. CTI was focused on expanding services from simply helping new businesses develop a business plan to undertaking new strategy and development projects.
  • We provided consultancy for Micro businesses and SMEs.
  • We increased organisational efficiency and productivity, through the recovery of lost revenue from clients and service providers and through implementing better management processes.
  • We designed and delivered new Project Management training and workshops for Junior Consultants with a total saving of more than £10, 000.

The work CTI did in Malawi was a great success. We achieved all of the projects aims and our experience working in the country has inspired us to continue with projects in other African countries.

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