About Us

Founded originally as Clock Tower Radios in Tanzania, in the 1960’s, Clock Tower International emerged 15 years ago and has grown from being an African based electronics company to becoming a global business and management consulting company, with projects in the UK and Africa.

Clock Tower International is a privately owned company, led by Nishi Agrawal, that is now at the forefront of services and solutions to help your business grow and develop. Nishi is a specialist in business and IT strategy development and has a strong track record in delivering high quality service to her clients.

Over the years, Nishi’s experience and drive have allowed Clock Tower International to deliver Business and Management Consulting, Project and Programme Management, Cloud Computing and other IT and Mobile Solutions  to clients.

Clock Tower International is now a company with connections to finance, telecoms, local government, SME’s and charity organisations worldwide and we are constantly looking to expand our client base. The company’s reach and success has allowed Clock Tower International to provide unmatchable client satisfaction and develop strategies for real business growth.

At Clock Tower International we have had the privilege of working with a wide variety of clients and partners. One of our strategic goals is to establish global partnerships where unique strengths could be brought together into one offering to benefit individuals and organisations across the globe. With this in mind we have partnered with APeducation Online to provide our clients with world standard training that have been specifically developed for online delivery and through workshops.


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